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Program Handbooks

College of Charleston studentsmust satisfy the major requirments as they appear in the undergraduate catalog for the year in which they matriculated into the college. Should the major requirements change, students have the option of choosing to fulfill the new requirements or completing the requirements from the year in which they entered the college. One set of major requirements must be chosen in its entirety at the time the major is declared. Students may not select a combination of requirements from both the old and the new curriculum.

Students who withdraw and then return to the college must follow the graduation requirements from the undergraduate catalog under which they are re-admitted or any subsequent catalog, provided the student maintains continuous enrollment.

Below you will find undergraduate handbooks for Sociology and Anthropology majors and minors. Because the requirements for our programs sometimes change, the Hanbooks for each academic year are not identical and contain academic information (e.g., requirements for the major and minor) that are specific to that year.


2013-2014 Sociology Handbook (pdf)

2012-2013 Sociology Handbook (pdf)

2011-2012 Sociology Handbook (pdf)

2010-2011 Sociology Handbook (pdf)


2013-2014 Anthropology Handbook (pdf)

2012-2013 Anthropology Handbook (pdf)

2011-2012 Anthropology Handbook (pdf)

2010-2011 Anthropology Handbook (pdf)